Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah who???

Really? Is McCain kidding us? Is she supposed to serve as a Hilary substitute?
This could be laughable if it wasn’t so frightening. Talk about having inexperience
a heart beat away from the presidency and little too close to the button. I admit to having a hard time choosing between Hilary and Barack in the primaries. But only because they were both such good choices. My choice never had anything to do with race or gender though seeing something other than a white male on the ballot was refreshing. I find McCain’s choice to be really irresponsible. How stupid does he think the American woman voters are? We may want to see a woman in the white house but not just any random woman. What a strategy! This election is not about the package its about the product. I am not going sit by and be politically correct here.We have lived with "stupid" for 8 long years and if Diebold steals another election and we could get an aging John McCain and this “inexperienced, gun toting, ex beauty queen”. This will really be ridiculous. There I said it, somebody had to.