Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some personal thoughts on Synarchy, the hysteria of Apocalypse and the right Wing Agenda

Last month I started painting the High Priestess after having a dream that told me I needed to use the sleeping goddess again as well as Nut (Egyptian sky goddess) and that somehow Nut was connected to the zodiac sign from the 10 sign zodiac. In this 10 sign zodiac Virgo Libra and Scorpio/Serpentarius were all combined into one long goddess ...this felt right but I needed more info so I did a Google search. In the search I found a site called watch.pair.com I found the reference I needed regarding the zodiac sign and started pouring over the writings on this page which were full of accurate occult references and yet steeped with an anti gay anti matriarch, pro patriarch fundamentalist Christian bias. I shared the site with my husband Peter and at first was having a hard time finding who had written this. We searched and found the name Barbara Aho. Peter thought he read about her before. I mentioned her to my friend Angie because she is a member of the Parliament of World Religions and is well connected to leadership in this area if Barbara Aho was someone in a position of leadership Angie would know her..Angie thought she was connected to the guy who wrote the Left Behind series off the top of her head at the spur of the moment. I kept searching for a bio for this woman as well as any credentials and or affiliations but found nothing about her personally, no pictures only that she was some how part of a group working on synarchy a World Religion...that was somehow connected with a world bank ideology. She was clearly using occult sources to promote her fundamentalist agenda. Barbara Aho even quoted Blavatsky ,Crowley and the golden dawn to make her point. And always referencing back to the bible chapter and verse. Other articles she had written included articles on the John Birch society and she named names and criticized people involved in government siting agendas from the 1950's thru present day including bloodlines and other minutia. She is clearly pro patriarch pro Christian anti-matriarch anti-gay...chapter and verse gal who is well researched.

Then exactly a month ago more pieces of a puzzle started to emerge... I had a dream about my college professor John Boatman who died last June...it was the day after his birthday so I was not surprised to see him in my dream... He was the one who was responsible for cracking my mind open and getting me to trust my dreams and abilities more than 30 years ago...Anyway...in the dream he was teaching at my husband Peter's school. I was bringing him a TV to use in his class room. As I walked into his room I saw a painting there. The painting was shaped like a megis shell. And in the painting there was a woman with a walking stick facing away from the viewer looking toward a bright sun within the sun was a megis shell. I knew right away this was part of the story of the Anishnabe people who were led to WI by the megis shell. I thought the message was for Peggy since Peter and I knew the story. So I searched for a site who had the old story on it. I found this http://www.thinkaboutit.com/native/seven_fires_prophecies_of_the_an.htm I read it out loud to Peter and then the 7th prophecy started to talk about Mackinaw. This triggered me to remember that a fundamentalist group from Mackinaw calling themselves Mackinaw were the people who were requesting the emails of UW-Madison professors (John Boatman was a UW professor intersting dream symbol)...These (Mackinaw) people wanted any and all private emails that contained the name (rogue governor Scott) Walker and/or(Rachel) Maddow in there emails. And wondered if the message from the dream was trying to get me to see a connection between the people attacking professors and requesting their emails were perhaps somehow connected to this faceless Barbara Aho and her world religion. Were these people utilizing and co-opting sacred power sites...like in the dark ages when people built churches on top of Pagan Temples sites. Somehow connecting the un-American policies being inflicted on key campaign swing states Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and others where Republican governors were elected who on issues of creating jobs are now attacking worker's rights and the waging economic war with the middle class. It would seem a bigger agenda was unfolding but I could and still can not wrap my mind around what their objective is besides purely wanting to get rid of Barack Obama in 2012 and covet power.

Barbara Aho was the first fundamentalist I had run across who was ever willing to use occult sources and science to further a very conservative right wing religious agenda. Until The Horizon Project was brought to my attention. I started watching it with an open mind but the first thing that bothered me was the narrator pronounced the "Big Picture" as the Big 'Pitcher' and then he didn't name any of the world experts who gathered to answer the big questions of why we are here and why there are big gaps in our history.

But I listened on...In episode 2&3 I found some really bad science warning that our gaps in history are because of a magnetic shifts and implying that the shifting coastlines were due to polar reversals and not because oceans rose and fell due to the ice age...their reasoning doesn't speak at all about global temperature changes and periods of glaciation when large amounts of ocean water were encased in the ice caps allowing for populations to build near the now submerged coastal lines.

In another quick Google search it's easy to find that according to the real paleomagnetists, the most recent magnetic pole reversal appears to have occurred some 730,000 years ago blowing their theory of a 10,000 BC a pole shift out of the water...

The narrator on the video continues in a whispering voice like he's letting you in on a secret...as he describes the effects of the polar reversal... weakened gravity...sloshing oceans and the whole earth spinning and physically turning upside down in space...giving the impression that people could float right off the surface of the earth...(sounding like that "ascension into heaven as predicted in Revelations yet?)

Finally In Episode 5 we meet our expert Dr. Agnew Dr (Brooks) Agnew...no first name this given until much later..A quick Google search informs me that Dr. Brooks Agnew is a BlogTalk Radio host who had a talk show called Exotica Radio which was changed to "Off Planet Radio" April 17, 2011. I start to smell the Rapture agenda. Agnew giving his scientific rhetoric... starts talking about our solar system"...cycling around the galactic equinox"...??? Around...? This doesn't sound like the proper wording to me. Maybe they should have said the Mayan calendar shows when we will cross the "galactic elliptic" maybe and start a new age.the Mayan dates "August 11 3011BC-December 21,2011". seem to coincide with the timing of the patriarchal era and if this ends and considering the politics of the extreme right wing I think we are hearing the death rattle...And I'm cheering on the sidelines for it.

The last 3 episodes are all Brooks Agnew...he's the only named "expert" in the entire series. They go on to how known prophets have been predicting a cataclysm for this year, Revelations, Nostradamus, Edgar Casey and the Mayan Calendar...But never once mentions the second coming...he doesn't have to he knows the indoctrinated will automatically imply it and not saying it keeps him pseudo-credible...(but not really.)

But wait it gets better according to The Horizon Project the beginning of the Aquarian Age also starts on December 21st,2011...This is off by about 3 degrees from perfect alignments...the precession moves about one degree every 72 years ...the midheaven line between Ophuichus and Sagitarius is December 18th. Perfect solstice is Dec 21st. The zodiac will still take another 200 years or so to make this perfect alignment but it will continue to precess and will only hold that perfection for 72 years before Ophuichus (Serpentarius) will end on December 22nd a day after winter solstice...the zodiac was meant to be lunar...it's a wheel on it's own...the solstices and equinoxes change dates every appox. 30,000 or 40,000 years or so...but the seasons stay in line with solar wheel. The very ancient people kept track of millennia using precession. The Egyptians allowed the star calendar to slide out of sync with the seasonal calendar. They could have reconciled the solar and lunar calendar but chose not to for the reason of keeping track of long stretches of time.

I guess what bothers me so much is they are using hard won ideas to promote a shallow right wing fundamentalist mono culture agenda and just like the Nazi Agenda who used the cross quarter days and old pagan holidays to peek interest and rally it's people... The teachings became tainted by their association with them... My work which is all inclusive and based on good science, permaculture and green philosophies is also using the ideas of precession and lost history...I feel they are soiling this information and co-opting it... And I am damned angry about it!!!... so instead of running away from my power which is, standing for nature, balance and truth I've decided to speak up! ;)