Sunday, January 06, 2019

Real Sky Astrology- Last Night 9PM CST the new moon in Hero/Villain Sagittarius was a partial eclipse of the sun. Reflecting the face off between those who have stepped into help and those who would obstruct and insist on wielding power.

Mercury sitting at the spot where Winter Solstice occurs has us envisioning a better future.

Venus in Libra is staying at a delicate balance in the sign of the scales this week. And will be transiting through Scorpio for a short stint to find solutions to aesthetic and romantic life issues before the end of January.

Mars in the sign of The Fish is taking action and discerning between the materialistic wasteful and unsustainable ways and what ideas traditions that will help move us all forward. Acting on the things that will serve the greater good.

Jupiter in Ophuicus focuses on the failure of the design and brings wisdom and healing.

Saturn in Sagittarius punctuates the Hero/Villain adversarial positions between the changing structure of the world order and those who would keep the world in stasis.

Uranus goes direct this week but slips back into the sign of the Fish for a short stint as we all decide what we believe in before moving back into that liminal space between death and rebirth.

Neptune in Aquarius is still reminding us that the events that have been occurring since 2011 were all necessary to get us to work together for the future we can live with.