Monday, September 26, 2011

Real Sky Astrology New Moon September 26th, 2011

The first day of the four days of New moon starts today in Leo. By tomorrow the moon will conjunct the sun in Virgo. This new moon as well as this month's full moon in Pisces will intensify the hard aspects of Pluto in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces. In case you were wondering where all the fascist political polarities were coming from this is the culprit. Repeatedly in history when Pluto and Uranus are squared you have trouble with Hitler types. The last time Pluto and Uranus squared this was the result. However these aspects are in different signs this time and will play out differently. Pluto the stuff that has to happen is in Sagittarius the sign of the hero/villain when you have villains like Scott Walker/Rick Perry/Michele Bachman /the Koch Bros and other the big corporations, Big Religion and Wall Street who have revealed the shadow government that seemed unprovable during the time between 1963-1971 when Pluto and Uranus were in conjunction in Leo. This was a time when these guys were able to "work their will". If your old enough you remember the kind of BS people swallowed the magic bullet that killed Kennedy found intact on a gurney and all the rest. The Warren Commissions findings... no coincidence that Gerald Ford was on that commission and later became president. So the kids born with the aspect of Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Leo between 1963-1971 will have the hardest time during our current aspect. They were young impressionable kids, too young to remember the fight to get out of Vietnam and too young to remember the Kennedy assassinations. They were impacted by and probably inspired by the Reagan years being a child in those years was likely better that being a young adult. They were likely impacted negatively by the first Gulf war maybe even suffering their first loses of loved ones here, thus stimulating a natural hatred and fear of middle eastern types this was a well placed "theater war".
So now this thing will play out. We can see there was a plan we can see the players...Uranus the planet of freedom and eccentricity is in Pisces and wants to play out the theme of the Piscean Age. If you look back over the last 2000 years you see a lot of big establishment controlling the masses with fear and controlled information. Looking at the symbol of Pisces from the ceiling of Denderah you see the symbolism of this very phenomenon, the symbol is illustrated as a man with two fish on two lines the fish are at right angles to each other. The fisherman is holding these fish square to each other and in the end he's the one who will benefit from this catch. The fisherman has baited his hook and he has two polarized fish on his line. In ancient Egypt the fish is the symbol of the physical body it's the non-spiritual self the part that rots Sethian in nature. In the ancient Egyptian after life the first test of the soul was to escape baboons with fishing nets because they would catch the souls who were only physical beings, the souls who were spiritually asleep and who were not savvy enough to realize they could trick and convince the baboons that they too were fishermen and move on to the next test.
So from this we can see the game at play. The folks who got rich selling a better mouse trap see the masses as fools/ fish.( The saying
like shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind ) We made them rich and now they don't want to pay their fair share of the taxes to keep our country viable. We the people mean nothing to them we are only there as consumers to fill their pockets with gold ...that's the game. And in the end they likely know they should pay ...they are the ones who are always on the wrong side of history they don't care they will try to get away with whatever they can it's just a game to them.
So now it's up to the good people born between 1963-1971 with Pluto and Uranus conjunct in Leo to play this thing out to work their will, to see clearer, to see what they believe. Its going to be the hardest on these folks because they missed the summer of love they, missed the fight for woman's rights and racial equality. They got pumped full of rhetoric about dirty hippies and the dangers of all that free love and HIV and pretty much missed all the progress. They were raised on the 70's disaster movies with unhappy endings and some were pumped full of revelations and self hate from church. At a time when schools were changing into everyone is gifted and talented and being dumbed down, they were handed the threats of Y2K and those threats were right on time and the Twin Towers soon followed to prove bad stuff happens.

And now we've hit this strange moment when it seems like the whole system has gone crazy. But the thing is this the people who have taken power are the very ones who are most afraid most damaged and who are the least creative. They've hoarded all the wealth because they think this is what is valuable. Gold and diamonds and numbers in a bank, patents and oil and all. They've sold us a culture of convenience and gluttony, from fast food to throw away dishes to plastic grass but none of this has been very satisfying because it's based on the ideals of a small mentally damaged few. This generation has the chance to begin again to rethink, research, reclaim and redo live in harmony with nature explore the multiverse that is unfolding before our eyes. We get to decide we get to change the future we get to throw away the parts we don't like the parts that come from fear and not from love. We each have a dream inside of us each of us know what our passion was before life got us running in another direction. I ask this question to people a lot and I'm going to ask you now. If you could do whatever you wanted what would it be?
It's new moon!!! NOW IS the time to start something that makes your heart sing. Get to it.