Tuesday, January 09, 2007

MAAT Tarot card of the Week- Last Quarter Moon in Libra

MAAT Card of the Week

The 8 of Wands

Planetary Ruler Saturn
The 8 of Wands represents messages of all types. The best way to let others know what is on our minds and our hearts is to communicate. Today this comes in many forms so pick your medium! The waning moon signals that communication will bring some kind of resolution to a situation which will open the way for a new beginning.

For deeper understanding of the Libra moon check out the meanings of the other Libra moon phase cards:
New-( Sept 21-Oct 22) 2 of Swords- the balance of live and death, traditionally a truce or stalemate

First Quarter- 9 of Coins-(June 21-July 22) The 3 fates/ Mother, Maid and Crone- The celebration of the turning of the wheel, the love between women, women working together on a cherished project.

Full - Princess of Cups-(March.21-April.22) The Bride. Virginal but committed she is on her way to unity with her hearts desire.

Justice- Full Moon Cycle of Libra-(March.21-April.22) Laws of all types, man-made as well as natural laws.
The greatest of all natural law is LOVE. This full moon cycle always contains the holidays of Easter and Passover. as well as Eostar (the Vernal Equinox). This is the month when the increasing light overtakes darkness.

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