Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well what does one blog about as one turns 50? From what I am hearing this is when the fun begins and I must agree. I was surprised by my husband, family and friends this weekend with a surprise 50th birthday party. I wanted to share here the funniest gift I received from my friend Lisa who also lives here in Watertown. She created the “Julie nativity scene”. It made me laugh so hard I nearly lost bladder control. You will note the tiny photo of grown up Julie pasted over the baby face and all the wise men and and other figures have witch hats, (not 3 dimensional witch hats but flat cut out witch hats)LOL! The gifts from the "magi" are labradorite and kianite also notable is my actual birth chart being held by a wise man with the most hilarious look on his face. There is a Bast among the wise men and golden goddesses and stone cats arranged around the manger, in the ivy surrounding the display you see hidden MAAT Tarot and Ancestral Path boxes. There is also various MAAT cards spread under foot if anyone wants to take a stab at reading the cards for me. I just wanted to share this so everyone could laugh along. Anyone interested in giving the gift of nativity can write to me and I will forward your interest to Lisa who may have just started something.
Be sure to click on the picture for a closer look!


Anonymous said...

Julie we had such a good time!!! Now that the nativity is "blown up" so even my old eyes can see... OMG!!! It really is hilarious. By the way, you look pretty fantastic for someone entering the second 50 years. Love, Kim

Julie Cuccia- Watts said...

Thanks!!! and I will take into consideration how bad your eyes are and still feel good about myself! LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday Julie!! you look maaaavelous dahhling! Alos loved your "what I learned post" about your trip. You are such a talented writter. I look forward to seeing you at RS09. Have a great Holiday.

Julie Cuccia- Watts said...

Thanks Carole!!
You have a great holiday too!!
see you at RS09

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day ! Eager reader of your blog, enjoying it a lot.

Thanks for shaging your insights on tarot.

Peace and love.


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day !! Love reading your posts.

Thanks for sharing.

Kind regards,