Monday, January 05, 2015

Real Sky Astrology-January 4, 2015

Full Moon in Gemini

 Last night the Moon full was at 10:54PM CST in the sign of Gemini. While the Sun in Sagittarius was ans is still shining a light on warrior energy last night's moon was subconsciously emphasizing our similarities rather than our differences. Venus almost conjunct with Mercury in Capricorn has us thinking about the beauty of life's mysteries and challenges. Mars is also still in Capricorn but about to transit into Aquarius will move away from the dark night of the soul and into serendipitous Aquarius. This year will be a challenge as Saturn moves from Libra into Scorpio later this month. Upsetting the balance we've been building on the last few years. Saturn in Scorpio promises to uncover the poison within all forms of structure so that better foundations can be built. Watch for justice between July 1st and September when instant karma will be in effect. By this time next year we will be seeing the healing effects of this year's work. Hold tight to your tribe and let the river take you...float free...don't try to hold on to the bank.
Full Moon in Gemini January 4, 2015 10:54CST

Sun still in Sagittarius this morning January 5, 2015 CST

Mercury Venus conjunction lining up in Capricorn January 4, 2015 10:50PM CST

Saturn still in Libra January 4, 2015  Screenshots courtesy of GoSkyWatch app.


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