Friday, November 03, 2006

Card of the Week -Princess of Swords

Week of the Full Moon in Taurus
"The full moon phase indicates generosity and the need to give to others. There is an intuitive objective understanding of the self and others."

Princess of Swords
Planetary ruler Pluto(the now defunct ruler of the underworld too?;-))

The full moon known in these parts as the Hunter's Moon. It is the time of the year when the white tail deer goes into the 'rut'. They are active at night with the light of the moon and then become hungry during the middle of the day which causes them to come into the sights of the hunter.
Before there were hunting regulations... and you have to go way back almost to hunter gather societies for this sort of freedom. You would be hunting for your food and you would pretty much be living on what you were skilled enough to catch and kill. There would be a bit of mystery to the hunt as you never would know what was going to offer itself to you. You might leave a bit of bait out to lure in hungry prey. You would have to be very in tune with the behaviors of the animals. What skills or senses you lacked may have been enhanced with the use of hunting animals like dogs or falcons.
When the Princess of Swords comes up in your spread you may want to ask yourself. What am I on the hunt for? Does my hunt stem from an actual need?
What skills do I have to assist me on my hunt. What friends can I bring along to assist me. Will I show gratitude for what I am given. What is my bait to draw in what I need? How will I preserve my quarry and who will I share my prize with?
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