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MAAT Tarot-Cards of the Week- 7 of Swords

Week of the last quarter moon in Leo

"The last quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of an acute awareness of ideals and high standards and the implementation of these standards into daily life. Disappointment can occur if these standards are not met."

7 of Swords

The 7 of swords shows us the many layers of being human. There is the self image and the image that the world perceives, the masks we wear to hide or protect ourselves from being hurt, or the masks we wear to project an image we would like the world to see. The mask of age that hides who we were in our youth. We have emotional layers and intellectual layers and there is the physical layer/body that is the container for our immortal soul, the physical body that is our vehicle so we can fulfill the tasks we choose to fulfill in a material world.

This card often warns against theft and speaks of protecting against theft. But if we are strong in the understanding of our self and what our needs are then death is the only real thief and even in death we find we are part of the greater whole. However, there are those who would steal our energy and time to fill their own emptiness. Their emptiness is due to the fact that they are themselves leaking energy and are not whole within themselves. They would seek your energy to fill themselves with, but of course this will not keep them full. As long as they are still leaking energy thus wasting your energy and more of theirs. It is up to you to have good boundaries and recognize a situation when you are encountering an energy vampire. Knowing what you are willing and not willing to give or do, will keep your energy and your self intact. You were not put here to work someone else's 'will'.

The 7 swords in this card represent the 7 main chakras of the human system which align with points on the body. Chakra means Wheel in Sanskrit. For more information on Chakras visit:


To go deeper into a better understanding of the Leo moon energies in MAAT Tarot. We can look to other Leo cards which are The Chariot full moon cycle of Leo. The King of Wands full moon in Leo. The 6 of Cups first quarter moon in Leo. And the 7 of Coins new moon in Leo.

The Chariot- speaks of polarity and the recognition of opposites; solar and lunar, male and female, yin and yang, right brained and left brained, even republican and democrat. It symbolizes polarity within the 'system'. Whether the system is a government, a community, a family, a mechanism or the greater universe itself. It is the polarity that keeps the system/the chariot moving.

King of Wands(full moon)-represents the politician, the fraternity brother, the poet, the statesmen, the writer. The man who with his words and his comrades creates change.

6 of Cups(first quarter moon)-represents emotional patterns we learn from our parents, our community, our environment, our childhood relationships and our traditions. These patterns for better or worse color our behavior flavor our expectations of self and others. These memories of emotional imprints can play a huge unconscious role in our adult life.

7 of Coins(new moon in Leo)-represents the sacred as we find it within ourselves and within others. This card helps us to understand that we are each a part of the divine and our work is sacred. It teaches about the seven sacred directions; east, south, west, north, above, below, and equally important the within.


Other cards still in play this week...

Ace of Swords

The season of Autumn, the element of Fire, deconstruction, the harvest, the increasing darkness, and the journey within. It is with intense heat of Fire and great effort and patience that metal is extracted from the rock. The suit of Swords symbolizes this transformation. With heat, strength and skill the smith creates the tools that transform the lives of his people. These powerful tools are then used to transform life or destroy it. The suit of Swords in MAAT Tarot faces living with the bittersweet reality of our mortality. It is Love that gives us the pain of loss and Love that moves us to go beyond and face the fire of our own transformation. What is it that inspires us to look with in the rock for the prize within?


Full Moon Cycle of Taurus


Planetary ruler Pluto


Tuesday October 31st



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