Thursday, February 08, 2007

5 of Wands

MAAT Card of the Week
Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Planetary ruler Uranus

An old man and a boy play chess on a small table by a window. It is one of those gloomy spring days. The buds on the trees let us know that it has been warm enough recently to make us think spring had arrived, but the snow and clouds are moving in and it would seem that winter is still in play.

While I was out in California last September for LATS Dr. Art Rosengarten sat down with me while I was showing some folks the new MAAT Tarot cards. He asked me which card of this new deck was my least favorite. I had not really thought about that but had an answer right away. It was the 5 of Wands.
He went on to ask me why I didn't like this card. I really had to think to pin point why I didn't like it.
I admitted that it could be because I don't enjoy playing board games in general.
So we went through the details of the card. I liked the window, I liked the boy and the board, I loved the gloomy overcast lighting. I guessed it was really just the old man that I didn't like. Dr. Art encouraged me to go deeper into the card. "Who is winning?" he asked me. And I didn't really know. I knew the boy who represented spring would eventually win out over the old man who represented winter. Art said, "Now if we had a chess master here they would know just by looking at the chess pieces who was going to win this game." Now I hadn't even thought of that. This is one of the best things about hearing what other people see in a card there is so much more in it than I know about. I looked at Art and confessed, "Art you are making me like this card!" And now I think of that conversation everytime I see it.

Seeing this card here today also made me think of something my best friend and I were laughing about a couple days ago about unconscious competitions like who has the longest hair or who can be the skinniest. Real adolescent stuff we still do to ourselves without realizing. We both had cut our hair pretty drastically quite out of character. When she mentioned how liberating it felt not to be in the who as the "longest hair contest" anymore. I just started laughing because she was right.

For deeper understanding of the Scorpio moon check out the meanings of the other Scorpio moon phase cards:

New- 5 of Swords- (Oct.22-Nov.21)This card puts you on notice that mischief is afoot. There is some kind of deception taking place. Something is not what it seems to be. When seeking information about timing this card would represent just when you think something is over it is not or just when you think you have just begun something you will find you are done with it.

First Quarter- 6 of Coins-(July 23-Aug 22)This card represents a gift. It represents giving a gift or receiving a gift. There are many kinds of gifts. The little girl is the gift of a child but she also is the gift of future fertility.What is it about a gift that is so pleasurable or not? Is it the mystery of the unknown, the unexpected abundance or the knowledge that you are focus of someone else?Äôs affection. Some may find a gift an uncomfortable prospect some may suspect strings are attached to gifts and not be able to enjoy them. Which are you? And why?

Full Moon- Queen of Cups (April 20-May 20)She is the newly pregnant wife. She is idealistic and dreamy about her new baby and hasn't got a clue what she has gotten herself into. She can be a bit of an emotional drama queen due to hormonal changes. This is can be the warm and fuzzy period of pregnancy. This pregnancy of course in most readings is meant to be symbolic, it represents something that we are emotionally committed to manifesting. It is the excitement and infatuation we have with the idea of what it is we are about to embark on, without any of the hardships of reality creeping in.

Full Moon Cycle of Scorpio: The Empress(April 20-May 20)
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