Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oimelc-February 2nd

The full moon in Leo falls on the Cross-Quarter Day Oimelc this year. Oimelc or Candlemas is
the halfway point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Oimelc means ewe's milk. Few urban
dwellers today would know or even care that it is lambing season, the time of the year that lambs are born.
But to our ancestors the birth of lambs would be the first signs of spring approaching and the abundance of life
returning. The lambs meant there would be meat, milk and wool and that autonomy could be maintained.

Most Christians will say "Lions lay down with lambs". Yet no where in Scripture is that ever mentioned.
It is the wolf that lays down with the lamb, not the lion. The New Testament always contrasts lamb with
wolves, not lions. This interesting phrase came from somewhere... perhaps it came from some old folk
knowledge that Ewe's lay down to lamb when in the month the moon is full in Leo. The constellation of the Lion
is clear and prominent in the late January and February sky. The whole point of Isaiah 11:6 is to foretell a time
of peace.

The weather in the north can be brutally cold and yet on a snowy day even the sound of cars going by
is softly muffled. There is a peace that we feel while watching the snow fall covering the landscape with white softness.
The freshly fallen snow reminds us of when we were children playing in the snow.

For deeper understanding of the Leo moon check out the meanings of the other Leo moon phase cards:

New-7 of Coins-(July 23-Aug 22) Represents the Native American concept of the 7 sacred directions, east, south,west, north, above, below and as important within. The self as a part of the divine. As the centered being we recognize our role in the great whole we learn patience and hard work before rewards. It is symbolized by peasants toiling in a field but could just as well be someone at the gym working out for better health. Simply it is the benefits received from working hard.

First Quarter- 6 of Cups-(April 20-May 20)The influence of childhood on personality and relationships with others, feelings of nostalgia. A sense of "here we go again" for positive or negative

Full-King of Wands- (Jan.20-Feb.19) The poet, the wordsmith, the politician, the writer, the lodge member. The genius of the common man.

Last Quarter- 7 of Swords-(Oct.22-Nov.21) The thief- being aware and protecting yourself when others use your energy and time without compensation. Death and time as the only real thief.

Major Cards of the Month:
Moon Cycle of Leo: The Chariot

Cross-Quarter Day-February 2- Oimelc: The Wheel of Fortune

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