Friday, August 18, 2006

The Big Wheel

I've been having a splendid dialog with a nice Druid from Wales this morning and he sent me a diagram of the Fire Festivals of the Druids(cross-quarter-days) The chart is set up with Yule at the top and the Summer Solstice on the bottom the Equinoxes are balanced on the left and right sides. Like compass points, Yule is north and Summer Solstice is south. The vernal Equinox is in the east(right) and Autumnal in the west(left). This makes good sense and is drawn out opposite of my chart for MAAT.

The same thing with the same meanings just drawn out opposite. My chart takes on the likeness of an astrological chart where the 'night' is on the bottom half of the wheel and the 'day' is on the top half. The rising (sign) is to the left and the descendant is at the right. We are on the same page here though.

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