Thursday, August 17, 2006

MAAT Tarot goes to press

Didn't write in yesterday due to the crazy busy-ness of the day. All final corrections for MAAT Tarot were completed and I had
to give them all one last look though and approval. The box and book dimensions were finalized and I had to re-adjust my designs for both. I finally finished everything this morning after burning the midnight oil until after 1:30am. I have not seen
the whole completed product yet but have seen how the box will be in the form of a blank box with blank shrink wrapped cards.
The cards are BIG like the first edition Blue Moon Tarot, but not so big that they are uncomfortable to handle and shuffle.
The cardstock is the same as the 2nd edition Blue Moon cards but having more cards makes the deck feel so much better.
The book looked great all the corrections were made after having been proof read and reread 5 times. There still may be something I missed but I am pretty sure every detail is what I intended now.

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