Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My first day with a blog!

Well this is the first day for my blog I am not sure if a waning moon in my opposing sign is a good time to start something.
But here goes anyway...
I am just days away from seeing the final proofs for the MAAT Tarot cards. The book is done being proofed and I am happy with the results I have seen so far. I am anxious to see the cover completed and the box.
I worked on a powerpoint presentation that I may or may not be able to use at LATS. But I think it is a good idea to have it.
The last minute split decisions I have had to make on the publication of MAAT has been nerve racking. I am always worried i will make some tremendous mistake and blow the whole project. But my guides have been very good to me and let me know my worst mistakes which I caught in the Nick of time, like having new moon in Capricorn for the 10 of coins instead of new moon in Cancer. That could have ruined the whole deck for me. But it was caught and I can breath easy for now. There are so many details and so many things that have to be just right. when its all perfect it looks easy and when there is a stupid mistake somewhere, well it all seems to say, if she was wrong about this then what else is she wrong about...?

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